About Jim Klopovic

When Jim Klopovic retired after two careers and 45 years of “flying a desk,” he resolved to spend his golden years making memories. He decided to try backpacking and immediately fell in love with it. His many backpacking adventures have included hiking both the England Coast-to-Coast Walk and portions of the Appalachian Trail. Jim’s motivation for writing The Honest Backpacker is to inspire his fellow Baby Boomers (and others) to stay active, take the road less travelled, and experience the wonders of the trail. He lives in Morrisville, North Carolina.

About Nicole Klopovic

Nicole Klopovic discovered her passion for outdoor activities as a child, when her father Jim would take her and her sister on nature excursions around their home in North Carolina. She is an avid backpacker whose experiences include hiking up over 15,000 feet to Laguna 69 in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca mountain range. Her plans for future trips include hiking the Appalachian Trail and her ancestral homelands, Croatia and Australia, with her father. She lives and works as a certified physician assistant in Sacramento, California.