The Honest Backpacker

Find your way – Take a hike.

First, thanks for reading The Honest Backpacker and lending your support!
We get continuous praise, which is encouraging and especially humbling.
Please follow me on my website and feel free to contribute.

To those of you who are learning about becoming an Honest Backpacker,
please forward this to as many people as you wish.
These things tend to come back to you in so many good ways.


While preparing for an adventure into nature builds you as a whole person in body, mind, and spirit,
you will also be having fun, making memories, and finding new and exciting friends.

By taking an interest in what the Honest Backpacker is all about,
you have become part of the Honest Backpacker Team – and are indeed finding your way.

While making a living is important and meaningful,
the Honest Backpacker is also about making a difference.

So, with the power vested in me and with great pride, I appoint you an
Honest Backpacker
with all the responsibilities, honors, and privileges therein.


James Klopovic
Your Honest backpacker