Simply put, The Honest Backpacker is inspirational. If you have ever dreamed of experiencing the outdoors, read this book!

Kurt Koontz, Author, Speaker, Adventurer

The Honest Backpacker captures long-distance hiking at its cutting edge. With no pretensions, the author lays out his most heartfelt advice to help older hikers make it all the way.

Bill “Skywalker” Walker, Bestselling Author and Speaker

A practical and congenial guidebook that encourages and inspires, The Honest Backpacker proposes that a flexible mind is the most crucial component in leading an adventurous life and enjoyment of our stunning planet can still be had, even if the body isn’t as flexible as it once was.

Andrew Zalewski, Co-Owner, Rock and Snow Outfitters

I believe the trail is there for everyone, at every phase of life, however, the more mature hiker is often overlooked, especially if they are new to backpacking. The Honest Backpacker fills a much-needed void with vivid anecdotes and practical step-by-step instructions for folks over the age of 50 who are hitting the trail for the first time.

Jennifer Pharr Davis, Author, Speaker and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

A well written and thorough guide to making the most of your adventure on the trail. See you out there!

Ron and Anne Houser, owners of The Mountain Goat, Outdoor Specialty Retailer on the AT/LT, Manchester Center, Vermont

The Honest Backpacker is a step-by-step guide for anyone just starting or needing a refresher course on the intricacies of backpacking. Klopovic intersperses trail tales from his experiences that add humor and interest to the facts. His book does not miss a step.

Audrey Townsend, Outfitter and Owner, Townsend Bertram and Company, Carrboro, North Carolina

The Honest Backpacker lays out essential hiking details in an organized, easy read. More important, it imparts a philosophy of walking that will stay for a lifetime. It will do the same for any hiker, especially the aging walker, and give them the stoke to start their next adventure.

Malcolm Daly, Neptune Mountaineering, Boulder, Colorado